Edward Weston's Legacy

The Weston Family. In the photo on left: Cole, Edward, Chandler, Brett and Neil. In the photo on the right: Chandler, Brett, Neil, Edward, Cole and Flora.

The Weston Legacy

Edward WestonEdward Weston, (1886-1958) Born March 24, in Highland Park, Illinois. Parents: Dr. Edward Burbank Weston – Obstetrician Alice Jeanette Brett – Shakespearean Actress

Brett Weston by Edward WestonBrett Weston (1911-1993) Son of Edward Weston. Photographer from a very early age until his death. Children – one daughter Erica Weston.

Neil WestonNeil Weston (1916 – 1998) Son of Edward Weston. Carpenter, boat builder, built the modest house at Wildcat Hill for $1000 in 1938. Children – daughter Jana Weston and son Mark Weston.

Cole WestonCole Weston (1919 – 2003) Son of Edward Weston. Actor, director, teacher and photographer until late in his life. Children – Ivor Weston, Kim Weston, Rhys Weston (deceased), Cara Weston, Matt Weston, Richard Weston and Erin Lamson.

Charis Wilson by Edward WestonCharis Weston, (1914 – 2009) Edward’ s second wife and model, they met in Carmel at the Forest Theater 1934 and lived together at Wildcat Hill from 1938 – 1945. Charis was 19 years old and Edward was 48.

Flora Weston, Edward Weston's wifeFlora Weston, Edward’s first wife and mother of his 4 boys.

Kim Weston, (1953 – ) Son of Cole Weston, grandson of Edward Weston.

Gina (Colletto) Weston (1959 -) Wife of Kim Weston. Gina was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula. She grew up in the family business “The Homestead Inn” located in the heart of Carmel. This experience gave her extensive hands on training in management and directing, which has led her to be the co-owner, creative director of Weston Photography along with her husband Kim Weston. Self-taught, Gina has become proficient in sales, web design, social media, graphic design, directing and production.  She applies these skills in her business, selling black and white fine art photography, producing and managing fine art photography workshops and mentoring young photographers. Gina has given back to her community by spearheading Weston Scholarship since 2004.