Edward Weston's Legacy

The Weston Family. In the photo on left: Cole, Edward, Chandler, Brett and Neil. In the photo on the right: Chandler, Brett, Neil, Edward, Cole and Flora.

The Weston Legacy

Edward WestonEdward Weston, (1886-1958) Born March 24, in Highland Park, Illinois. Parents: Dr. Edward Burbank Weston – Obstetrician Alice Jeanette Brett – Shakespearean Actress

Brett Weston by Edward WestonBrett Weston (1911-1993) Son of Edward Weston. Photographer from a very early age until his death. Children – one daughter Erica Weston.

Neil WestonNeil Weston (1916 – 1998) Son of Edward Weston. Carpenter, boat builder, built the modest house at Wildcat Hill for $1000 in 1938. Children – daughter Jana Weston and son Mark Weston.

Cole WestonCole Weston (1919 – 2003) Son of Edward Weston. Actor, director, teacher and photographer until late in his life. Children – Ivor Weston, Kim Weston, Rhys Weston (deceased), Cara Weston, Matt Weston, Richard Weston and Erin Lamson.

Charis Wilson by Edward WestonCharis Weston, (1914 – 2009) Edward’ s second wife and model, they met in Carmel at the Forest Theater 1934 and lived together at Wildcat Hill from 1938 – 1945. Charis was 19 years old and Edward was 48.

Flora Weston, Edward Weston's wifeFlora Weston, Edward’s first wife and mother of his 4 boys.

Kim Weston, (1953 – ) Son of Cole Weston, grandson of Edward Weston.

Gina Weston (1959 -) Wife of Kim Weston.