“Remembering Brett Weston” #1 by Efros, Sexton and Weston

“Remembering Brett Weston” is an intimate sharing of memories between three photographers – Randy Efros, John Sexton and Kim Weston, who spent many hours with Brett. We hope you enjoy this first video in our upcoming series of “Remembering Brett Weston”.

Special thanks to Randy Efros, John Sexton, Mathias Van Hesemans, Richard C. Miller and Cody Edison for editing!


10 comments on ““Remembering Brett Weston” #1 by Efros, Sexton and Weston

  1. Great Video. It is so important to get these memories captured and to share them. The Weston legacy is awesome and I wish I could have met Brett. He is on my very short list of greatest photographers and I love hearing stories about Brett. Also, from the few videos of seen of Brett, I think John Sexton does a pretty good impersonation of Brett. Love it!
    Keep up the good work and keep spreading the history. There is a new generation of photographers that need to learn who the greats were/are.

  2. Thanks for posting the first part of the video. There just isn’t enough good quality conversation on photography on the net

  3. I’m so thankful that you guys are doing this. Edward and Brett have been a huge influence on my passion for photography. Great to hear the “stories”. Can’t wait to see more.

    • Hi Jim!
      Thanks! You are welcome, Kim has been talking to John Sexton and Randy Efros about doing this for so long. Glad we took the time to sit and record them.
      As soon as my plate clears a bit I can start working on Episode 2.

  4. Aloha Kim,

    Thank you for making this wonderful video and sharing it with us.

    I was wondering if there are any plans to close caption them? Would love to have heard the conversations ;-).

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Bob,
      Wow what a great idea. We don’t have it planned but will give it some thought. Thanks for the suggestion!

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