Gina on the Spot – The Art Institute in Chicago

Gina Weston sharing the exciting news about Kim Weston’s 3 Generation Show at the Midwest Museum of Art in Elkhart IN. This newsletter video continues their travels with a visit to The Art Institute in Chicago, to see their original Edward Weston photographs in their collection.The Museum houses more than 300000 works of art. I was very impressed with their collection of paintings too. We hope to get a chance to go back and spend more time in the museum halls. Thanks to The Chicago Art Institute, Ted Preuss and Doug Foster for the tour.

4 comments on “Gina on the Spot – The Art Institute in Chicago

  1. Hi Gina and Kim
    I visited the Art Institute of Chicago just before the April/May platinum Landscape workshop in 2005, that I came on. I could not believe that the Art Institute held so many original photographs of Edwards. The great thrill was to be able to see them for real and not printed in a book.
    Best regards and a Happy Christmas to you all!

  2. The Art Institute of Chicago is an incredible art museum. Great collection. I believe it is the second largest in the world. I love going there. Let me know if you go back! Mark Nelson

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