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Interview by Jim KassonPosted: January 26th, 2002

Kim Weston, Cole Weston’s son and Edward Weston’s grandson, creates exquisitely choreographed and emotionally complex studio nudes. Jim Kasson interviewed Kim in his Wildcat Hill home, once Edward Weston’s home and studio.

JK: I’ll start out with a simple question that may have a complicated answer: How’d you decide to become a photographer?
KW: I knew you were going to ask me that.

JK: You had to think twice about it; there was a lot to live up to.
KW: Not really. Growing up at Garrapata with Dad, there were always cameras around. I started when I was six. I was a shy child, and I loved going into the darkroom and helping my dad. I loved the darkness, the quiet. I’d sit in there for hours. He was doing portraits at that time so he was processing a lot of 4x5s, and it was my job to put them through the hypo. He never pushed me, but there were always cameras there, and film, and I just started doing it. …Read more

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