Weston Photography Workshops- Wildcat Studio Nude April 6-8, 2012

Mark Sloane, Danville CA, 2012

Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop April 6-8, 2012 Gina and Kim,The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop is one of those very rare workshops that exceeded every expectation I had. It was wonderful from an artistic point of view and absolutely magical as a personal experience that I will treasure for a very long time. In fact, please consider this note as a request for a spot in 2013!  I will be delighted to give you a deposit today. Thanks for being such warm and gracious hosts and I look forward to seeing you next year. Mark Sloane 

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Day with Kim Weston Workshop, Lucinda Anderson

March 17, 2012 What a fabulous day. Thank you all for having me there.
Kim it was wonderful to hear you talk about your art process. And I  loved what u said about “failure” being the path to success for an artist.
Best Wishes,
Lucinda Andersen
Seaside, CA

September Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Carolyn Hampton, Los Angeles 2011

I really want to thank you and Kim for such an incredible experience! I felt so lucky and honored to be in a place where you can literally feel the electric, creative energy from generations of artists.

Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop - by Dennis Wickes

Dennis Wickes, Paradise CA

October 15-17, 2010 Wildcat Studio Nude with Kim Weston & Christa Meola I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you and Kim for the remarkable weekend workshop. Your hospitality and friendliness made for a very comfortable environment to work. It was a great mix of participants and your selection of models was excellent. I appreciated, so much the opportunity to see Kim’s, his uncle’s and his grandfather’s work. It was almost a spiritual experience for me. Very hard to put into words…it is more of a feeling that came over me…quite intense and quite profound. Please tell…

Miguel Soler Roig from Spain

Miguel Soler-Roig September 2010

September 10-12, 2010 Wildcat Studio Nude Dear Gina and Kim, Back in Madrid feels like a long time since we were with you in Carmel. Have been quite busy in the last two weeks, also traveling to London and Barcelona. We want to thank you for the wonderful experience during the workshop and the time we spend with you and the group. Hope to get this week some information from PhotoEspaña regarding next year’s program and see if we can organize a workshop with you in Spain. I will let you know soon. Also will send you some images by…

Richard Midthun listening while Kim Weston shows prints

Richard Midthun, Agoura CA

September 10-12, 2010 Wildcat Studio Nude  Dear Gina and Kim, Thanks so much for your hospitality and for offering all of us such a unique photographic opportunity. Your home and its history are wonderful. What a fantastic opportunity for making images under all sorts of conditions in such close proximity. As time passes and I review my images, I understand even more how expert these models were, truly making all of us stretch past our previous limits. I loved the whole experience: Carmel River Inn in such close proximity to you all and the fine restaurants and shops at The…

Wildcat Studio Nude Class - Reed Duane

Duane Reed, Wakima WA

September 10-12, 2010 Wildcat Studio Nude Dear Gina and Kim, What an experience! The inspiration and instruction the workshop provided was only outdone by the hospitality you both extended. Opening your home, lives, and passion for photography to the level you achieve made this one of the most memorable experiences in my life. This was more than a learning experience about photography–it was a learning experience about giving! I will be back. With profound thanks, Duane Reed Yakima, WA