Tatiana Cernochova

Tania Cernochova, Slovakia – Visiting Wildcat Hill

Last month while I was doing my morning walk in the rain at Carmel River beach, I ran into Tania, she was wet and carrying a large back pack. She was “couch surfing” down to Los Angeles with her next stop down the coast past Big Sur. I offered her a place to dry off and keep her stuff safe and then drove her back to Point Lobos to spend the day.

Hi Gina,
this is Tania, the girl you brought home on that rainy day at the beginning of November, remember?:)

Kim Weston - Jennifer Crane

Jennifer Crane, NY – A “Thank you”

On a whim Jennifer Crane called to see if she could stay overnight in Bodie House, her flight back to NY had been canceled due to a snow storm. She stayed for 2 nights and spent the days roaming the coast of Carmel.

“Thank you again for your (and Kim’s) hospitality–my time there was definitely one of the highlights
(if not the highlight) of my time in California”.

John Cyr visiting Wildcat Hill

John Cyr – Developer Tray Project

Hi Gina,

I just wanted to write and let you know what a privilege it was meeting you last week. It is an honor to include Kim in my Developer Tray project. It was also such a personal thrill for me to be able to visit such a house so important in the history of photography. I think that it is wonderful how you both have kept it so true to how it was originally set up, the darkroom included.