Kim and Gina Weston have offered nude photography workshops at their home on Wildcat Hill for more than 15 years. Kim Weston will be your private instructor and will work with each photographer in the group covering topics like composition, lighting, and presentation. One on one workshops are also available.


We offer only the finest black and white, silver gelatin photographs. Our beautiful and expressive images are hand printed by Kim Weston in his darkroom, processed, mounted, and signed on museum quality mat board. Browse our collections online or visit us at our private gallery in Carmel Highlands!

bodie house

Edward Weston lived on Wildcat Hill from 1938 until his death in 1958 and it holds the same charm and artistic energy now that it did when he lived here. The property is home to Edward's original darkroom, Kim's studio, gallery, and Charis Wilson's Bodie House. Come stay the night or visit us for a tour.

Edward by Cole Weston

PRINTS FROM the PRIVATE COLLECTIOn of kim and gina weston

Weston Photography offers silver gelatin photographs printed directly from Edward Weston's original negatives by his son, Cole Weston. Each photograph is an 8x10 inch contact print dry mounted on 100% rag, acid free mount stock. On the back of the mount, each print is titled and dated with Edward’s negative code and is signed by Cole Weston in pencil.

Kim Weston

Kim Weston has been a fine art nude photographer for over 30 years. He is a third-generation member of one of the most important and creative families in America and has had his photographs displayed all over the world.

gina Weston

Businesswoman, mother, wife, model, philanthropist, friend, and mentor, Gina Weston has worn quite a few hats over the last 30 years. She co-founded and continues to run Weston Photography from Carmel Highlands, CA. 

Zach WEston

Zach Weston began photographing later than his predecessors at the age of 21 and hasn't put his camera down since. Zach's "subtle, intuitive images both honor his heritage and point to a bright future". Zach photographs with medium format film.

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