Kim Weston - Popular Black & White Photographs

About Kim Weston

Kim Weston discussing Edward Weston's 'Pepper'

Kim Weston’s photographic vision has long been influenced by the work of his grandfather Edward Weston. He learned his craft assisting his father Cole in the darkroom, making gallery prints from Edward’s negatives.

He also worked many years as an assistant to his uncle Brett Weston, whose bold, abstract photographs rank as some of the finest examples of modern photographic art. Kim has become a prolific photographer, and tends to refer to his photography as a “lifestyle”.
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Kim’s Print of the Month (POM) Portfolios

Kim Weston - Phoenix Nude #9For the past 13 years, Kim Weston has offered “The Print of the Month Club”. It gave collectors the opportunity to acquire 12 of his original photographs, one for every month of the year at discounted prices. If they collected all 12 photographs in the calendar year, they received a handmade portfolio box to house their collection in.

The Print of the Month Portfolios may be purchased as a complete set or single photographs within the collection may also be purchased individually.

You can view the whole collection of “The Print of the Month Portfolios”