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Painted Photographs

Why painted photographs?

While Kim was learning to print with Platinum he ended up with many images that he felt had not yet expressed his vision. Growing up in the world of the “perfect print”, he started going into his studio in the evenings and applying color to these prints. He felt a sort of freedom to color, scratch and apply paints to the surface of the print. The end result exemplifies Kim’s inherent nature of seeing and working in color, and since then he has gone on to alter the silver gelatin surface with oil paints.

Below you can view the whole collection of “The Painted Photograph Portfolios” dating from 2005 – 2010.

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Collector’s Information – What you need to know

About the Painted Photographs

  • Each Painted Photograph is a one of a kind.
  • Kim paints on his original silver gelatin photographs and uses oil based paint.
  • He protects them with a fine finish of dumar varnish.

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