Kim Weston - Platinum #309

2004 (4×5) Platinum Print of the Month Portfolio – Out of Print

The 2004 POM Portfolio represents some of Kim Weston’s earliest visions of traditional nude photography. As you can see from the images that he was photographing in his home and studio with very simple surroundings and themes. Several years ago Kim learned how to print in Platinum. Ryuijie, a local fine art photographer, taught him in an afternoon.

Kim was fascinated with the Platinum process. His grandfather Edward Weston had also printed in platinum, it is an old time honored process. Kim has gone back 20 years into his archives of negatives and has hand picked this selection.

“This was a very productive time for me, but unfortunately not many people got to see these images. I was using my Linhof 4×5 that I received from my Uncle Brett. In order not to have these prints compete with the few images I have made in silver, I will be printing them in Platinum. Not only do I get the opportunity to revisit with old friends (negatives), I get to share some of my earlier work with you”.


Kim Weston Platinum Photographs in the 2004 POM Portfolio

January – Platinum #207
Legs & Shoes
July – Platinum #305
Nude on Chair
February – Platinum #908
Nude Torso
August – Platinum #804
Nude on chest
March – Platinum #101
Nude in Robe
September – Platinum #400
Torso in Chair
April – Platinum #309
Nude with Pillows
October – Platinum #909
Hands and Breast
May – Platinum #401
Nude in Chair
November – Platinum #903
Alice in Wonderland
June – Platinum #1006
Nude with Glass balls
December – Platinum #1008
Nude on Tub

Collector’s Information – What you need to know

Carrying on with a family tradition that began with his grandfather Edward Weston.

  • The 2004 Print of the Month Portfolio is a collection of 12 images, one for every month of the year.
  • These beautiful and expressive 4×5, Platinum photographs are hand printed, archivally processed and mounted on 11×14 museum quality mat board.
  • They are signed on the front by the artist.
  • 2004 Portfolio is retired and is no longer available – out of print.
  • Current Value: $3800.00

2004 Open Edition Photographs / POM Portfolio

  • The 2004 POM Portfolio contains Open Edition Photographs.
  • “Open Edition” means that there is no limit to the number of reproductions that can be made of a given image.