Kim Weston - Denver Nude #2

2007 (5×7) Print of the Month Portfolio – Out of Print

This 2007 POM Portfolio is unique because it contains 5×7 photographs. Traditionally Kim prints in 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20 sizes.These smaller intimate photographs represent some of Kim’s favorite photographs made with his Mamiya RB 67 Camera, which he inherited from his father, Cole Weston.

Kim affectionately refers to his Mamiya 67 as his “camera with wings” It has given him more freedom and movement to move around while he is photographing. A great addition to any photography collection!


Kim Weston Photographs in the 2007 POM Portfolio

January – Statue #1 July – Denver Nude #6
February – Figure #2 August – Statue #2
March – Denver Nude #3 September – Denver Nude #2
April – Figure #1 October – Denver Nude #4
May – Santa Fe Nude #5 November – Figure #5
June – Oaxaca #10 December – Shadow #6

Collector’s Information – What you need to know

Carrying on with a family tradition that began with his grandfather Edward Weston.

  • The 2007 Print of the Month Portfolio is a collection of 12 images, one for every month of the year.
  • These beautiful and expressive 5×7, black and white, silver gelatin photographs are hand printed, archivally processed and mounted on 11×14 museum quality mat board.
  • They are signed on the front by the artist.
  • 2007 POM Portfolio is retired and is no longer available – out of print.
  • Current value $3800.00.

2007 Open Edition Photographs / POM Portfolio

  • The 2007 POM Portfolio contains Open Edition Photographs.
  • “Open Edition” means that there is no limit to the number of reproductions that can be made of a given image.