This highly personalized one-on-one photography workshop, is specially designed by you and Kim to emphasize your needs and desires to help develop your voice as a photographer. Kim is available to work with photographers of all focuses including, but not limited to: fine art nudes and landscapes. You may design a 1, 2, or 3 day workshop with one or multiple focuses; the opportunities are endless.

Kim Weston Photography

One-on-One Studio Nude Photography Workshop

Your photography workshop will be held at Kim's home at Wildcat Hill - the former home of his grandfather, Edward Weston - where there are multiple settings in which to shoot. 

Kim Weston Photography

One-on-One Landscape Photography Workshop

If you are more inspired by nature, our one-on-one landscape photography workshop is perfect for you. Photograph at the famous Point Lobos State Park, where Edward, Brett, and Cole Weston photographed some of their most famous images.

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