Kim Weston - Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

How do I register for a class?

The Weston Nude Photography Workshops will be using Eventbrite for registration. Follow link on workshop page to sign up for the class you want to take. If it’s a One on One Photography Workshop please send Gina Weston an email with preferred dates and content. And she will get back with you to arrange the dates and payment.

Levels of experience

We accept all levels of experience to our workshops. In fact we have all levels attend, beginning to very experienced. Our teaching environment is perfect for beginning students – especially beginning nude photographers up to the most experienced photographer. The environment is private and the workshops are well structured with small groups to work in. The only requirement is that you know how to use your camera. (There is not individual camera instruction available during a workshop).

What time do your workshops start? How do I get there?

One month prior to the workshop date each registrant will receive an email describing further workshop information. This includes an itinerary and a map. (Don’t have an email? No worries we will mail it to you).

How long do you photograph the models?

At a typical workshop we start photographing at 11:00 am to 1pm, break for lunch resume work at 2 pm and photograph until 4pm. In total we photograph for 4 hours per day.

Do you give the models gratuity after the workshop?

If you feel that the models you work with did an outstanding job, we encourage our participants/students to tip the models after the workshop is done. I have been asked about “how much model gratuity”? Some tip $20 per model up to $100 per model which is very generous. So anywhere in that range is good. $20, $30, $40, $50 per model etc up to $100. For a 2 day workshop $50 per model is a nice tip, but not required. Some photographers put in $100 in the hat and we split it up between the models. You can judge it on your budget and your personal experience working with the models during your workshop. How do we collect it? Do we tip them separately? No we put a hat in the gallery for the tips and divide it up equally among the models.

How many students do you have in your Wildcat Nude Workshops?

We like to have 9 students and 3 models, so there is a 1 to 3 ratio.

Do we provide a Model Release?

Yes, for all of our nude workshops we provide a signed model release for you to take with you.

Lodging at Wildcat Hill

On a first come first serve basis, we offer our studio “Bodie House” to rent, to one student per workshop here at Wildcat Hill.

Do we use Bodie House during the workshop?

Yes, we use Bodie House for one of our locations, so if you rent it while you take the workshop be prepared to have us use the main room to photograph in.

Where else can I stay?

Anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula is fine; Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, etc.

Close Hotels

The Carmel River Inn
The Carmel Mission Inn

Hotels in Carmel

The Carmel Resort Inn
The Mission Ranch
The Lobos Lodge

There are many styles of hotels from economy to luxury in Carmel. Always check the internet for ongoing specials. More info can be found on


You will need a car to get to our house as we are 3 miles south of Carmel. Carpooling may be suggested depending on how many participants we have in any given workshop. You will be notified in advance if needed.


The closest airport is The Monterey Airport (17 min. drive, 10 miles) North of Carmel.
The San Jose Airport (approximately 1 hour and 40 minute drive , 80 miles) North of Carmel.
The San Francisco Airport (approximately 2 hours and 10 minute drive , 100 miles) North of Carmel.
There are shuttles available from Monterey to San Jose and San Francisco Airports.


You can buy your lunch at Safeway before you head down the coast, it is located in the Crossroads Shopping Center at Rio Rd and Hwy 1 in Carmel. It’s the last stoplight going south as you pass Carmel. In this shopping center there are several restaurants and boutiques for shopping.

Can my wife, husband or partner accompany me during the workshop?

No, your wife, husband or partner may not attend the workshop unless you have purchased a spot for them. They are welcome to join us for the dinner.

Workshop Withdrawal, Cancellation and Refunds

If you need to withdraw from a workshop, you must inform us no later than 30 days prior to the first day of your workshop, and we will refund your full tuition, less a $75.00 registration fee. After the cutoff date a refund will only be made if a qualified replacement is found. If it is necessary for us to cancel a workshop, all registered participants will be notified at once, and you will receive a full refund of payments.

Notification of cancellation due to low enrollment will be made at least 14 days prior to the beginning of class. For this reason we encourage you to purchase refundable airline tickets and consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. The workshop will not be responsible for any loss on airline tickets or any other loss at all.

Waiver of Liability

The Weston Workshops shall have no responsibility or liability for personal injury to any participant or damage to any participant’s property, or for personal injuries or damage to the property of any other person resulting from the participant’s involvement in the workshop.

The Weston Workshops has the right to cancel any workshop and to alter the time, context, or format of any workshop in the event circumstances require. In the event a workshop is cancelled, for any reason the extent of the Workshops’ liability is limited to the return of all fees and deposits paid.

Workshop Logistics

Where are the workshops held?

Most of our workshops are held at our home on Wildcat Hill, the former home of Edward Weston in Carmel Highlands CA. Carmel Highlands is 3 miles past Carmel which is located on the central coast of California, 2 hours south of San Francisco and 6 hours north of Los Angeles.

Sometimes we go to other local locations to photograph, like Point Lobos State Park or Garrapata State Park. We also teach internationally and have taught workshops in Finland, France and Spain so far. Want us to come and teach a workshop for you? Send Gina Weston an email with all of the information and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

What should I Bring?

Camera Equipment:

Bring your own camera equipment – it is suggested to bring a camera that you are very comfortable using so you don’t spend too much time thinking about “how to use it”.
You can bring any format you like. We have participants bring digital or film or sometimes they bring both.


It is highly recommended to bring a tripod to shoot with. Why? They help when you are photographing in low light, they free up your hands and allow you to concentrate on your subject matter, they can get you into tight places. They steady the camera. Good for up close-up objects. Not all photographers use tripods. We have had many digital photographers that don’t use them. Most of our film photographers do.


Bring plenty of film, it’s cheap and you can go through it quickly. You may ship your film to our house ahead of time, if you don’t want to carry it on the plane.

Digital Camera Cards:

Bring several high capacity memory cards so you can change cards without disturbing your flow while you are working. And so you don’t have to erase images in the middle of a workshop.

Computer Equipment:

If you shoot digital it is recommended that you bring along your laptop and a USB flash-thumb drive. At the Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop we like use the thumb drives to transfer photographs from the first session of the workshop to our computers so we can review them before we start the second day of shooting.


You may bring props with you, we have quite a few here already but if you have something you would like to work with please bring them along.


We shoot in natural light. No added studio lights or flash etc.


We have a few reflectors but bring yours along if you have one handy.


Wear layered clothing, as we live very close to the ocean and the weather can change quite quickly. Its best to wear sturdy shoes to work around our property. Preferably flat soles as we have small pebbles along our walkways.


Bring a lunch for everyday of your group workshop. There is a Safeway at Hwy 1 and Rio Rd. just 3 miles north of Wildcat Hill. We like to stay here at the house during the hour break so make sure to pick up something before you come down in the morning. We serve coffee and pastries or bagels in the morning upon arrival.

Saturday night dinner is included for most workshops – see individual workshop information. Dinner is not vegetarian but usually we serve a salad and have french bread. If you have special food requirements please bring your own food with you.

More questions? Contact us for more information.