Kim Weston - 2 Nudes Scotland

Platinum Photographs

This collection of 8×10 Platinum photographs represents some of Kim’s most favorite images. He learned how to print in platinum several years ago and continues to find new and older negatives to print.

The process is fun because it doesn’t have to be done in the darkroom. You hand coat your paper and expose the negative in a UV light box. Then it is put into a developing agent and then a clearing bath. After the photograph is washed and dried, it is one of the most archival photographic processes.

Like many alternative processes, a contact negative the size of the print is required. Kim has also made enlarged digital negatives from his Mamiya RB 67 so he could then print them in platinum.


Collector’s Information – What you need to know

  • Platinum prints are valued for their inherent beauty and archival permanence.
  • These beautiful and expressive 8×10, platinum photographs are hand printed, archivally processed and mounted on 15×18 museum quality mat board.
  • They are signed on the front by the artist.

Buy an 8×10 Platinum Photograph

These wonderful platinum prints may be purchased as single photographs.

Learn how to Print in Platinum

Please contact us if you are interested in learning the time honored process of Platinum Printing. Kim can teach how simple the platinum printing process can be. Covering such topics as: hand coating, contrast control, film exposure and development for platinum printing, paper choices, choosing UV light sources and final print presentation.

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