Kim Weston - 2nd Fall Dinner Party @Garrapata


Kim Weston Garrapata Estate in Big Sur CA

Kim Weston 2nd Fall Dinner Party - 
Saturday, September 22, 2012 - At The Cole Weston Estate 3-7PM
Party is full.

What do you get?
The Menu will feature:
Morro Bay Oyster Company - Cocktail Oysters!
Wild Big Sur Mussels
Carmel Valley Boar cooked underground

Caesar Salad by Earthbound Farms Passion Cookies by Helen Weston - Kim's mother Wines by Pisoni  Vineyard - Courtesy of Billy Murray Thank you Billy! 

Kim says “This 2nd Fall Dinner is reminiscing on living and growing up at his family home in Garrapata, where his father Photographer Cole Weston hunted for deer and wild boar to feed the family. Though typically not cooked underground, Kim fondly remembers his mother cooking it in this way. He has since mastered this technique and can’t wait to share it with you.”

Kim Weston - Fall Dinner Series at Hotel 1110


Kim & Gina Weston with Nick, owner of Hotel 1110

 Hotel 1110 Fall Dinner Series - Schedule:

– Wednesday, August 22 - SOLD OUT!
– NEW DATE - Saturday, September 22 - Party is full
– Wednesday, October 31 - Taking reservations now!
– Wednesday, November 14 - Taking reservations now!
– Hotel 1110 at 831-655-0515

This series will further continue our hotel's tradition of offering our guests unique, elegant culinary experiences centered around Monterey-area food and wine. Our dinner series will especially focus on locally-sourced sustainable food by featuring meats and vegetables from local suppliers.

 "I have always loved to cook," shares Kim. "Food and preparation of food for friends, guests and lovers has always been a passion of mine. To share a love of food with friends is the same as sharing my artistic photographs. I am not a photographer only when I have my camera in my hands – I am a photographer every minute of the day, whether it’s cooking, gardening or walking with my wife on the beach."

Currently all hotels rooms are sold out. Please call to be placed on the hotel wait list.

Hotel 1110 at 831-655-0515 

Hotel 1110, Monterey CA

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