Edward Weston's Darkroom Printing Demo (Video)

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Have you always wanted to visit Wildcat Hill and see Edward Weston's Darkroom? Here is your chance!

Join photographer Kim Weston, the grandson of Edward Weston, as he prints an original Edward Weston negative in his old darkroom at Wildcat Hill.

This negative called “Spring” was photographed at Wildcat Hill in 1943. The nude in the photo is Charis Wilson, Edward’s last wife. Edward Weston photographed many wonderful photographs of Charis around his home during the 1940’s.

Edward Weston - Original Negative "Spring 1943"
Edward Weston - Original Negative "Spring 1943"

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This is the only original negative from the Edward Weston collection that is allowed to be printed. It was a gift to Kim from his father, Cole Weston. All of the remaining negatives are housed at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona.

In this 25-minute video Kim takes you into Edward Weston’s original darkroom and shows you the very simple techniques that Edward used throughout his life - a historical journey back in time to see how this master used basic tools to make incredible art.

You can buy this photograph “Spring, 1943" printed by Kim Weston. Own your own Edward Weston photograph today!

Edward Weston - Spring 1943
Edward Weston - Spring 1943

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