Weston Photography Newsletter


Kim Weston - Painted Photographs at Exposed Gallery Carmel CA


Fall has been pretty nice here on the central coast. Kim's garden is still producing food. We still have golden delicious and red delicious apples on our trees. Our "Beverly Hills" apple tree has produced 2 crops of apples this year! I have never heard of that happening! The Meyer lemon trees are full of sweet juicy lemons and the garden is still producing tomatoes, a few zucchini, sweet peas and of course the chard is still thriving. Kim and I always argue about the apples, I like to keep them on the tree as long as possible - its perfect storage as far as I am concerned, but he loves to pick them in big bags and give them away to our friends and neighbors. Kim is in Montana right now and it is snowing with about 8 inches of snow on the ground. In the meantime I have taken every opportunity to be down on Carmel beach - if we are friends on FB you have seen all of my posts.

Kim Weston - Carmel Beach 4th Street

Kim Weston - Print of the Month

November's photograph, Oaxaca Nude #11 was taken in Oaxaca during our workshop "Following the footsteps of Edward Weston" a few years ago. We spent time at the Manual Alvarez Bravo Center photographing and using their darkroom to make platinum prints. Kim loved the light in Oaxaca and guessed Edward did too. It was a special visit to see the same places Edward saw so many years ago. This special offer available until the end of November 2011. $250 normally $400. A perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves photography!


See our upcoming Exhibits for more information about Kim's participation in the Miniature Show at the Exposed Gallery in Carmel (images above - Opening on November 25) and the upcoming show in December at the OpenShutter Gallery in Durango CO.

Catching up

October was a great month for me. I went to Lake Powell with Kim for a workshop and then I went to Italy with my girlfriend and her daughter. 2 weeks of laughing, drinking wine and getting lost (well not all of the time). We saw so many wonderful things, eat some amazing food and walked for miles!

Kim Weston - Gina Weston in Florence Italy

As the days get shorter I will be posting more and more. The holidays are upon us and I hope you are getting ready for some Turkey and festivities. I do miss the late night sunsets but I don't miss the dark mornings traveling to Monterey to do yoga. Maybe next October I should plan to be on vacation again. Just until the time change that is.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are thankful you are in our lives. Thanks for spending time with us, purchasing our work and being our friends.

Forever filled with gratitude,
Gina, Kim and Zach