Weston Photography Newsletter #6


Point Lobos State Park Carmel CA


The winter has been pretty mild here on the California Coast. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular this season! Can't remember a time that they been so beautiful for so many days in a row! Though we are longing for big winter storms and rain we are happy with what we have. We are gearing up for our 2012 Weston Photography Workshop Series, and we are excited about meeting all of the new people that are coming and looking forward to seeing the familiar faces that we have met over the years.

The Edward Weston Workshop: A Day with Kim Weston is scheduled for March 17, 2012. I know its on St. Patricks Day. Maybe instead of our delicious homemade spaghetti (our regular meal) we should be cooking Corned Beef and cabbage. Kim got a really good recipe from our friend John Wrobleski and its so good!

Only one day left for the February POM!

Kim Weston - Lake Powell #2, Nude & ReedsSpecial Offer - Kim Weston Photograph! - Lake Powell #2, Nude & Reeds

The Edward Weston Workshop: A Day with Kim Weston

Edward Weston - 30P - Pepper #30 I thought it was appropriate to rename our 1 day workshop. After all we spend so much time in Edward Weston’s home and old darkroom. Here you will see where Brett Weston helped Edward print the famous “Project Prints” a collection of 832 negatives considered to be Edward’s finest prints. Tour the famous Point Lobos State Park and see where many of the famous iconic photographs like “Pl-L-23 China Cove” and “PL-L-10G Fog and Cypress were taken. This one day workshop is a perfect introduction to The Weston Photography Legacy. Not too many places in the world you can see such so much fine quality photography without going to a museum! Local Photographers will join us and share their latest works. We will cook an intimate dinner for you and engage in a fireside conversation about photography!
Fee:$125 Class 10-9PM, March 17, 2012 (Dinner included)