Weston Photography Newsletter #8


Kim Weston - Carmel Highlands Coastline CA.


Last weekend was our first Nude Photography Workshop of 2012. We had 9 participants, 3 models, 2 perfect weather days and a lot of fun working together to create some amazing photographs. Huntington Witherill, Roman Loranc and Brian Pawlowski were our guest artists for the night. Every bed on our property was full! Kim made wonderful breakfasts and lunchs for the guests that were staying with us (can't forget to mention he & Zach made dinner for everyone on Sat. night) and Tracy, Huntington's wife brought us Easter dinner after the workshop was over on Sunday. We had ham for days!

Thank you all for coming to the workshop and thanks to Roman and Huntington and Brian for sharing their work.

Kim Weston - Wildcat Studio Nude Photography Workshop - April 2012

 Kim Weston Print of the Month

June Print of the Month "Reflections" is the current POM selection. Check it out. Get the special discounted price of $250 for an 8x10 signed silver gelatin photograph until June 30, 2012.

Kim Weston - Lake Powell #6, Reflections

Life at Wildcat Hill

The winter rains have been infrequent but we have had so many amazing cloud days. I have been spending my off time, that is when I am not signing up people for workshops, showing people our home, posting images on FaceBook, making catalogs, updating my websites (www.westonscholarship.org), doing my taxes - ok now you get it I'm busy, at the beach! I love to go to the beach and take pictures. Morning and night. It changes everyday. Kim and I walk almost every morning, its our morning meditation where we just get to soak in all of the natural beauty around us. I used to check my email before my walks but decided that can wait until later! Several mornings a week I go to yoga and now I am doing a little weight training. Sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time is deadly!! So don't forget to get up and go when you have some extra play time.

Kim Weston - Carmel River Beach

Last month we met Xiao Lu from the Timeless Gallery in Beijing China. He and his friend Wan Wang came for a visit to see us and to buy some of Kim's fine art black and white photographs. Mr Lu invited us to come to China in 2013 for a 3 Generation Weston Show! How exciting. We also got invited to go to Finland too! Looks like 2013 will be another traveling year for us.

Kim Weston and Mr Lu from the Timeless Gallery Beijing China

Fine Art Photography Workshops


Online Registration

New feature on our website! Register ONLINE for the San Juan Bautista Mission Photography Workshop and The September Wildcat Studio Nude!

Roman Loranc Show in Los Angeles Friday April 20, 2012

Roman Loranc - Brett Weston Beach

You won't want to miss Roman's show at
The Duncan Miller Gallery
Bergamot Center Unit A7  
2525 Michigan Ave Santa Monica, Ca,90404
Friday April 20, 2012





Thank You!

This newsletter is a bit different than the last one I sent out a few weeks ago. We hope it finds you all doing well and in good health.

FYI the March Print of the Month is now in its 2 level pricing, so the price is now $800. Many of Kim's (8x10) 2010 POM's are in the 3rd and final level at $1000.00! Thanks for you support and for purchasing our photographs and coming to our workshops. Looking forward to talking to you all real soon!

Take care!
Gina, Kim and Zach!~