How to visit Wildcat Hill

Edward Weston - Looking out of his darkroomWildcat Hill, the former home of Edward Weston is a private residence. It is the home of Kim and Gina Weston. For the past 20 years Kim and Gina have been inviting guests to visit and experience the small modest home where Edward Weston and his last wife Charis lived.


(preferred contact) to schedule a visit. We do get busy but we make every effort to find time to meet you!

Stay Over at “Bodie House”

Edward Weston - Bodie HouseCome stay overnight at Wildcat Hill and immerse yourself in the historical feelings that surround the “little house with the big mood”. We would like to offer our guest studio “Bodie House” as a retreat for photographers and others longing to come to the central coast of California.

Bodie House was originally the writing studio of Charis Weston, wife and model of Edward Weston. Bring your camera, photograph the grounds, and visit this unique area surrounding the Carmel Highlands.

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The History

Edward Weston's DeskThe cabin at Wildcat Hill was built by Edward’s son, Neil Weston in 1938. It was a one room building with a darkroom, bath and kitchen on the north end of the house, and a fireplace and bed at the south end.

The original cedar single wall construction building still stands today. The darkroom was easily accessible to Edward as he loved to go in and print in the very early morning while it was still dark. This enabled him to print and not have to worry about light leaks. Sometimes he printed with the window open. Here you can view historical pictures of Wildcat Hill

Other ways to visit Wildcat

Kim Weston showing his workAnother great way to see the house and experience Wildcat Hill is to sign up for one of our workshops, the next workshop is Wildcat Studio Nude on April 4-6, 2014.

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