Kim Weston Studio Nude Workshop

Fine Art Photography Workshops – Following the Edward Weston Legacy

Edward Weston Workshop at Wildcat Hill by Al Richter, 1948

For more than seventy years, photographers have been coming to Wildcat Hill. Names like Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhardt, Imogen Cunningham, Minor White, Beaumont Newhall, and many, many more have enjoyed its beauty and connection to the Weston Photography Family.

Kim Weston Photography Workshops specialize in fine art nude photography, landscape photography and platinum printing (contact negatives & digital negatives). Large format photography and darkroom techniques, which includes how to use the large format camera and covers the basic aspects of black-and-white film processing, printing, and enlarging. Darkroom technique instruction is not limited to large format. 

Private One on One Photography Workshops are also available.

“At Wildcat, we believe in the engaging and insightful learning process that shapes a photographer. Join us for one of these experiences by choosing a date that suits your schedule and desires. At Weston Photography we provide exceptional, hands on workshops”.

Wildcat Studio Nude Photography Workshop – Spring & Fall Dates Up!

Kim Weston - Wildcat Studio NudeKim Weston teaches what he is passionate about – “Fine Art Nude Photography” Workshops – in the home of his late grandfather Edward Weston.

We say “Keep it Simple“. Bring one camera that you are comfortable using. You will learn how to compose, work with available light, interact, direct and create a good working relationship with the model you are photographing.

Our workshops are structured and organized with plenty of time and space to explore many different themes. We have good model to photographer ratio and the intimacy to accommodate each level of experience from a beginner to a very experienced photographer.

For more information:
Spring April 4-6, 2014
Fall September 5-7, 2014

I really want to thank you and Kim for such an incredible experience! I felt so lucky and honored to be in a place where you can literally feel the electric, creative energy from generations of artists. Even better, we had world class models, Kim’s expert guidance, beautiful light, and your gracious hospitality and organization. It was, without question, the best workshop I have ever attended. I now understand why this was Randy’s 4th time!
All the best, Carolyn Hampton, Los Angeles

One on One Photography Workshops

Kim Weston in Edward Weston's darkroomDon’t want to wait until our next workshop to come and work with Kim? Do you have specific tasks that you would like to learn? Or maybe you learn better in a one on one teaching format?

Kim Weston’s One on One Photography Workshops are a great way to streamline your learning experience and get the most out of your time and money. For more information One on One Workshops



One on One Workshop with Kim Weston

My One on One Photography Workshop was divided in 3 parts: portfolio critique, shooting the figure, and learning platinum printing.
Day 1, Kim and I talked about my portfolio and he insightfully identified areas for me to focus on. The studio time, shooting, was the perfect time to try those ideas, with Kim shooting as well, demonstrating them. The model that Kim brought in was fabulous, energetic, and had an a seemingly unlimited repertoire of poses.

The next morning we selected a few of my images from the prior day’s shooting to create digital negatives and practiced platinum printing on them. I have to say that when I saw the first platinum image appear in the developer it was like my first time in the darkroom all over again – the tonality of platinum is just stunning!

Any one of the facets of the workshop would have been worthwhile on its own, but add onto that the experience of staying at the Bodie House, hearing the some of the stories about Edward and Brett Weston, seeing some of their prints and negatives firsthand, seeing Edward’s darkroom, shooting in his studio, and … well, you can see it’s an unforgettable experience! Two weeks later I’m still savoring it as if it was yesterday!
And let’s not forget you’re minutes from Point Lobos and from some great photography galleries in Carmel!

Kim and Gina thanks so much for preserving and sharing this! (and for being great hosts and teacher)

Peter Janecke 2013