Zach Weston became the fourth generation Weston to shoot with black and white film in 2012. He was raised in Edward's home in Carmel Highlands by his parents Kim and Gina.

Zach grew up playing sports year round and did not take up photography until he was 22 years old. Many are surprised that it took him so long to pick up the craft, however, his parents never forced it upon him and let his passion for photography grow organically. 

Zach was taught how use a film camera, process his negatives, and develop them in the darkroom by his father, Kim. 

Many years of artist dinners and workshops have instilled  unique vision for photography in Zach. His focuses include figure, landscape, and abstract photography. 

When shooting with film, Zach uses the Mamiya RB 6x7, Wista 4x5 or a Pentax 67 and has expanded his medium by shooting digitally with a Canon 6D.

"La Pied Sale (25N)" © 2016 | Zach Weston Photography

"La Pied Sale (25N)"

© 2016 | Zach Weston Photography

"Dali's House"

© 2016 | Zach Weston Photography

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