If you are thinking about embarking on the journey of traditional photography processes and need assistance getting started in the darkroom, you're in the right place. At Weston Photography, we specialize in medium to large format analog photography and traditional darkroom printing offering private tutorials to get you started or take you to the next level in your photography.

In the field/studio you will learn:

  • How to correctly compose an image

  • How to correctly expose a negative

  • How to use natural light

  • How pick the best lenses and filters for the scene

In the darkroom you will learn:

  • How to set-up a traditional darkroom

  • About different types of photographic paper

  • About photographic chemicals

  • How to develop photographic film

  • How to use different grades to achieve different print tones

  • How to make a test print

  • How to dodge and burn a print

  • How to successfully print a traditional silver gelatin photograph

This type of tutorial can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you want to photograph and develop your images on day one and print in the darkroom on day 2, or you want to bring old work and book one day to print, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Join Kim Weston, one of the most accomplished and well recognized black and white film photographers of our time, in his darkroom on Wildcat Hill where his grandfather, Edward Weston, lived and worked from 1938 until 1958. 

Add private darkroom instruction on to a one-on-one figure or landscape workshop or bring older negatives that you would like to work with; the choice is yours!

Print by Frank Baudino, Weston Workshop participant.

Print by Frank Baudino, Weston Workshop participant.