To collect the work of one particular artist is not always an easy thing to do, often requiring you to deal with multiple galleries in various states or individuals in the secondary market. The Print of the Month Club solves that problem.

The Print of the Month (POM) Club

Members of the POM Club will receive 12 hand-printed, mounted, silver gelatin prints by Kim Weston in a beautiful portfolio box designed by the artist. In 2018, POM Club members will have the opportunity to select an additional, complimentary, print to include in their portfolio as a thank you to Kim's collectors for 17 amazing years producing prints of the month!

POM Club Pricing - 2018

  • $335.00/month ($4,020.00 total) guaranteed (including shipping, handling, and portfolio box) regardless of how many prints sell.

$10,500.00 value for only $335/Month!