Weston Photography is a family owned and operated photography business located at Edward Weston's former home in Carmel Highlands, California. We are a leading provider of fine art nude photography workshops and offer hand-crafted silver gelatin prints by Edward and Kim Weston.

Photo by Frank Baudino at a Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop in 2015.

Photo by Frank Baudino at a Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop in 2015.

Weston Workshops

Weston Photography Workshops offer photographers the opportunity to explore fine art nude photography in small groups with professional models and internationally recognized fine art photographer, Kim Weston.

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Photographs by Kim Weston

For nearly four decades, Weston Photography has offered the finest quality silver gelatin prints to collectors. Browse online or schedule a visit to see them in person. We would love to meet you!

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Wildcat Hill

Visit us on Wildcat Hill, where Edward Weston lived and worked for more than 20 years, for a tour or a weekend getaway to experience this one-of-a-kind oasis on the central coast of California. 

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Print of the Month: June, 2019

When Edward Weston started the Print of the Month Club, he did so because he believed that "photography is a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to." For nearly two decades, Gina and Kim Weston have followed in Edward's footsteps, producing 17 Print of the Month portfolios that have included some of Kim's most well-recognized work. 

In 2019 Kim and Zach will each contribute 6 images to the Print of the Month Portfolio. Kim is the 3rd and Zach the 4th generation of photographers in the historic Weston family and Kim taught Zach everything he knows about photography This collaboration will instill a deeper connection on both a human and artistic level.

There will be 12 prints in total, 6 from Kim, and 6 from Zach with each artist sending out their signature image every other month. The prints will be 8x10 mounted on 16x20 mattboard. If you purchase the whole set, you will also receive a unique, portfolio box to house all of your prints.

"The POM Club is a wonderful way to start collecting or add to a growing collection. The fact that it’s Kim Weston with his own considerable body of work that is so highly regarded, and add to that the history of the Weston family in the world of fine art photography, you feel that you are making a smart investment as well. To collect the work of one particular artist is not always an easy thing to do, often requiring you to deal with multiple galleries in various states or individuals in the secondary market. The POM Club solves that problem."

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Edward Weston Photographs


Weston Photography offers silver gelatin photographs printed directly from Edward Weston's original negatives by his son, Cole Weston. Each photograph is an 8x10 inch contact print dry mounted on 100% rag, acid free mount stock. On the back of the mount, each print is titled and dated with Edward’s negative code and is signed by Cole Weston in pencil.