Just attended your Holz/Weston workshop. It was an amazing experience and the best workshop that I have ever attended. It was an honor to spend time with you; you are an inspiration on many levels. I love your painted imagery and you are also an amazing cook!!!!!!!

I hope that our paths cross again

Frank Joseph;

Atlanta, GA

Sean Patrick Hill;


I came out to Carmel to explore the range of landscape photography using a 4x5 view camera. Kim began by showing me prints of not only Edward and Brett Weston, but his son Zach, as well. We talked about what makes a good composition, a good negative. We spent a number of days at Point Lobos, Soberanes Point, and Monastery Beach, wrestling with erratic light and wind to get shots as close as aging cypresses and granite monoliths to the vastnesses of the Pacific and its clouds. He built up my confidence as I composed shots on the ground glass, helping me to not only get everything in focus, but to consider the play of contrast, the light and shadows that give a photograph range. On the final day, he taught me to make gelatin silver prints, a task I have since carried home to Kentucky, working frequently in the darkroom I built immediately upon returning. Most of all, what I brought home was a deeper sense of what it means to be not only a photographer, but an artist.


Gary Brainard;

Los Angeles, CA

Kim's presentation of the four generations of Weston images was spectacular. Listening to Kim's thoughts as he captured his images was enlightening. Inviting the group to a private showing of the Weston exhibit at the gallery was awesome. I really appreciated how organized you were and kept things flowing smoothly. Gwen, Sara and Marian were great models. They were very easy to work with and very creative.  I captured a bunch of great images. I'll be spending many weekends finishing these prints. It was really nice to hear Zach and see him present his latest work. Annabelle was so kind, helpful and energetic. She is an awesome addition to your team.  The presentations by Hunter and Michelle were inspiring as well. Listening to the words of Edward Weston as read by Elliot was so nostalgic. What a wonderful treat was the great meal that Kim prepared for us. It was delicious.

The bottom line for me was, my return visit to Wildcat Hill was a highlight in my photographic journey. The soft natural light and weather were perfect. I learned so much from Kim and was inspired so much more. Your team was so much fun to work with.

I know my friends Milan and Paul enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. We are still talking about it.

Thank you Kim, Gina, Zach and Annabelle. You are all wonderful and so creative.
I'll be back......

Carolyn H.;

Los Angeles, CA

I really want to thank you and Kim for such an incredible experience! I felt so lucky and honored to be in a place where you can literally feel the electric, creative energy from generations of artists.  

Even better, we had world class models, Kim’s expert guidance, beautiful light, and your gracious hospitality and organization.  It was, without question, the best workshop I have ever attended.  I now understand why this was Randy’s 4th time!

Mark Sloan; 

Danville, CA

The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop is one of those very rare workshops that exceeded every expectation I had. It was wonderful from an artistic point of view and absolutely magical as a personal experience that I will treasure for a very long time.

Dennis Wickes;

Paradise, CA

I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you and Kim for the remarkable weekend workshop.

Your hospitality and friendliness made for a very comfortable environment to work. It was a great mix of participants and your selection of models was excellent.

I appreciated, so much the opportunity to see Kim’s, his uncle’s and his grandfather’s work. It was almost a spiritual experience for me. Very hard to put into words…it is more of a feeling that came over me…quite intense and quite profound.

Please tell Kim thanks for taking time to show such marvelous work.

Duane Reed;

Wakima, WA

What an experience! The inspiration and instruction the workshop provided was only outdone by the hospitality you both extended.

Opening your home, lives, and passion for photography to the level you achieve made this one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

This was more than a learning experience about photography–it was a learning experience about giving!

I will be back.

Profound thanks...