Businesswoman, mother, wife, model, philanthropist, friend, and mentor, Gina Weston wears quite a few hats, some of them are made of calla lilies.


Gina and Kim have built Weston Photography from the ground up to promote the future of the Weston legacy by offering high quality silver gelatin prints to collectors of fine art photography. They offer photography workshops, private tutorials, exhibitions and mentorships from their private gallery and studio in Carmel Highlands and all over the world. 

Mother and Wife

Gina is mother to Zach Weston, a fourth generation black and white film photographer, and wife to Kim Weston.  


Gina was Kim's model from 1989 until the early 2000's and remains his muse today. Some of Kim's most well-recognized images are those in which Gina has posed.


In 2004, Gina and Kim founded the Weston Scholarship: a non-profit organization which supports high school and college students studying fine art photograph and is specifically targeted for students practicing black and white film photography. When the scholarship begun, only 7 artists applied. Fifteen years later, more than $100,000 have been awarded to photography students attending high school or community college in Monterey County.

Gina ran the scholarship until the summer of 2016 when her son, Zach, and former scholarship recipient, Annabelle Scott, took the helm. Zach is now the Executive Director of The Weston Collective. Learn More > 


Gina and Callas by Kim Weston - Open Edition

Gina and Callas by Kim Weston - Open Edition