Weston Photography is a family owned and operated photography business located at Edward Weston's former home in Carmel Highlands, California. We are a leading provider of fine art nude photography workshops and offer hand-crafted silver gelatin prints by Edward and Kim Weston.

Weston Workshops

Weston Photography Workshops offer photographers the opportunity to explore fine art nude photography in small groups with professional models and internationally recognized fine art photographer, Kim Weston. Participants will receive individualized instruction and learn about the Weston family's valuable contributions to the world of photography. Group and one-on-one workshops are available to photographers with all levels of experience.

Photographs by Kim Weston

Weston Photography has offered the finest quality silver gelatin prints to collectors for nearly four decades. All of Kim Weston's prints are traditionally processed in his darkroom on Wildcat Hill, mounted on museum quality mat-board, and signed on the front in pencil with the year and edition number printed on the back. You may browse Kim's photographs online or visit the Weston Photography Gallery on Wildcat Hill to see them in person. We would love to meet you!

Wildcat Hill

Weston Photography is located in Carmel Highlands, California on Wildcat Hill where Edward Weston lived and worked from 1938 until his death in 1958.  The property holds the same charm and artistic energy today as it did when he lived here. The house's original structure and Edward's darkroom have remained as they were when Edward lived here, now used to display the photographs printed from his original negatives by Cole Weston.

2018 Print of the Month Portfolio

When Edward Weston started the Print of the Month Club, he did so because he believed that "photography is a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to." For nearly two decades, Gina and Kim Weston have followed in Edward's footsteps, producing 17 Print of the Month portfolios that have included some of Kim's most well-recognized work. 

The 2018 Print of the Month Portfolio will be Kim's last. It will bring 12 photographs–taken over the last year during trips to Germany, New York, and Palm Desert–together in a collection that both honors Kim Weston's past and points toward a future filled with more creativity than ever.

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Edward Weston Photographs


Weston Photography offers silver gelatin photographs printed directly from Edward Weston's original negatives by his son, Cole Weston. Each photograph is an 8x10 inch contact print dry mounted on 100% rag, acid free mount stock. On the back of the mount, each print is titled and dated with Edward’s negative code and is signed by Cole Weston in pencil.

I make pictures which are meant to be direct and truthful. I do not explain or rationalize this work or my passion for it. I leave it to the viewer to find the surprises. I hope the work generates feelings; otherwise I have failed.
— Kim Weston


About Kim Weston

Kim Weston is a third-generation fine art photographer from one of the most influential and creative families in American history. His recognition as a singularly creative artist and photographer continues a family legacy that traces its roots back to his grandfather Edward Weston, his uncle Brett, and his father Cole.

In a career spanning four decades, Kim has come to be recognized in his own right as one of the most insightful and accomplished practitioners of figurative/nude photography, producing an extensive and masterful portfolio of work that draws deeply, yet expands upon the traditions and canon of the nude in classical and modern European art.

Since photography's birth, the prominence of the nude subject has played a significant role in distinguishing the work as fine art. Photographs depicting the nude have long-since held the power of authentically expressing the very essence of humanity, telling the most intriguing of stories, and often eliciting the most vulnerable of emotions. For four generations, though the subject matter and artistic voices of photographers in the Weston family may have evolved, the mastery of fine art photography that began with Edward Weston has been preserved in its entirety.  

For nearly 20 years, Kim Weston has taught nude photography workshops on Wildcat Hill, his grandfather's former home and now his. The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop, hosted 2-3 times a year by Gina and Kim Weston, is a fine art nude photography intensive. This three day workshop presents a unique opportunity, suited for both novice and experienced photographers, to explore nude photography while immersed in the Weston family's historic contributions to American photography.

Upcoming Weston Workshops