Natural Light Photography Workshops

At Weston Workshops, we teach our students how to find, and capture natural light to produce breathtaking images. Every generation of the Weston family has relied on natural light to produce stunning black and white photographs. Artificial light is rarely, if ever, used in any of their photography. 

©Kim Weston - Taken in the studio on Wildcat Hi

Our studio on Wildcat Hill is equipped with two large skylights that allow us to take full advantage of the sun while working indoors. The house is also equipped with a skylight and large west facing windows that offers a great workspace to harness natural light.  Our natural light teachings are not only limited to workshops on Wildcat Hill. We bring our methods along with us as we travel to Weston Destination Workshops around the world. 

Half of the battle is finding the light and making it work with what you are trying to capture. Being able to know how the light will react to your camera will make you a better photographer.  - Zach Weston

After one of our workshops you will have a better understanding of what to look for when working with natural light whether you are in the field or working in a well lit studio. Let us teach you how to be a master at natural light photography.