Kim Weston is a fine art photographer from California who specializes in nude photography. Weston was born to one of the most influential and creative families in American history and has been making fine-art nude photographs for over 35 years.


Kim learned his craft assisting his father, Cole Weston, in the darkroom making gallery prints from the original negatives of his grandfather, Edward Weston. Kim also worked for many years as an assistant to his uncle, Brett Weston, whose bold, abstract photographs ranked him as the "child genius of American photography."


Kim Weston's largest body of work consists of silver gelatin prints made from 6×7 (56mm x 69mm), 4×5, and 8×10 negatives. In addition to the 8×10 format he prints in 11×14 and 16×20 sizes. He also prints in Platinum and lately he has added paint to his photographs.


Kim Weston’s first photographed using a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex (TLR) camera, later transitioning to a 4×5 Linhof (a gift from his uncle Brett ), then switching to an 8×10 Calumet, followed by an 8×10 Arca Swiss, and now using a Mamiya 67 which he inherited from his father Cole Weston.


Kim Weston lives on Wildcat Hill, the former home of Edward Weston, with his wife Gina where he teaches several nude photography workshops every year.

Browse online or visit the gallery (Carmel Highlands) to view collectable prints of Kim's and Edward Weston from their private archive. 

In addition, Kim is an educator and a mentor to young photographers having founded the Weston Scholarship Fund (now The Weston Collective) in 2004 to support high school and college students studying fine-art, black and white, film photography in Monterey County.

Zach, Gina, and Kim Weston

Zach, Gina, and Kim Weston

One Man Exhibitions

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"New Work by Kim Weston." EXPOSED Gallery, Carmel, CA. June 2016

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Notable collectors of Kim Weston's photographs

Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine; 2019.

Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas; 2018.

New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester; 2017.

Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA; 2016.

Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA; 2015.

National Museum of China, Beijing, China; 2014.

Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ; 2011, 2014.

Kirmo Wilen, Kirkkonummi, Finland.

Robert Weingarten, Malibu, CA.

Margaret Weston, Carmel, CA.

University of Santa Cruz Library (Special Collections), Santa Cruz, CA. 2002.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; 2010.

University of Texas at Austin (Humanities Research Center), Austin, TX; December 1996.

Joint and Group Exhibitions

"8x10 Fundraising Exhibition." Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California. September 8th - November 4th 2018

“The Golden State, Photographs from California - 1865 to the present.” Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, CA, July - August 2018

"Depth of Field." Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California. April 14th - May 20th 2018

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“Journey of the Heart: Exhibition of Straight Photography Original Prints 1839 – 2014.”
National Museum of China, Beijing, China. November 2014

“Between the Shadows.” Galerie a La Riviere, Paris, France. 2014.

“All That Glitters is Not Gold.” Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ. November 2014.

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“The Noble Metals:  Platinum and Palladium.”  Group.  International Hall of Fame and Museum:  Main Gallery with The Oklahoma Arts Council.  Oklahoma, OK.  April – July 2005.

Kim Weston and Randy Efros with Workshop Participants.  Bentley Gallery Projects, Phoenix, AZ.  November, 2003.

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