Gwendolyn's commitment to physical expression began with twelve years of classical ballet training, priming her for an esteemed career as a globe-trotting, freelance model. She began modeling for photographers eight years ago, and has continually evolved through yoga practice, circus training, and sheer creative discipline. She has posed in Dali's House, as a piece of a human motorcycle, across a NYC billboard, and on a catwalk at LA Fashion Week. Her style is feminine, natural, honest and powerful.

"It is impossible to discuss my modeling career without bringing up Kim Weston. Before our introduction, I had only dipped my toe in the world of art modeling, then the doors were flung wide open, and now I am posing in the core center of the fine art photography world. Each workshop, tutorial, or jet-setting adventure is a unique story crafted by the individuals involved - old friends and new acquaintances drawn together by the legendary name. Kim's photography is about storytelling and the people behind the narrative, and that passion for people is what brings participants back time and again until they too are a part of the Weston family. Each workshop is not only an exploration of the technique, composition, and intention that make a quality photograph, but also a reunion with my dearest partners-in-art. It's like picking up where you left off in a favorite book: the scene is set, the characters are revived, and I dive back into my evolving narrative as a model, as a friend, as a muse, and as a part of the Weston family and legacy." Photo by Calvin Abe




Jen is easygoing, fun, and goofy but simultaneously hardworking and always professional. The art that has come out of our time working with her has been breathtaking and inspiring and we are delighted to have her back for many future workshops. Photo by Kim Weston

"I wish to convey infatuation, loneliness, guilt, fear, disgust, anguish, envy, love, serenity, contempt, loss, weakness, shame, awe, desire... I'm inspired by surrealism, abstract fashion, eye-catching color, bold makeup, unique poses, bizarre shapes, intense emotion, eccentric people, life and my surroundings."



Monique is of Greek, Egyptian, Irish, & German heritage and has modeled professionally for 12 years; Monique modeled for Weston Workshops participants for the first time in May, 2017.


Anastasia Kole is an international art model, photographer, and a photo adventure organizer. She has collaborated with numerous respected artists worldwide, participated in educational workshops, and her work has been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries. Anastasia splits her time between Europe and North America with New York, San Francisco, Milan and Kiev as her primary cities. Anastasia has modeled at Wildcat for our workshop participants and is incredibly talented - we are looking forward to working with her at our upcoming Weston Destination Workshop in Germany!



Catherine Weiss is a professional freelance model based in Los Angeles. In addition to modeling for figure photographers worldwide, she also poses regularly at top art schools and animation studios all over the LA area.  Catherine loves all forms of physical expression; she is a life-long performer and student of dance, theatre, and yoga. She is currently in training to receive her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate, and looks forward to integrating her new knowledge into her modeling work. 


"Modeling at the Weston Workshops in Carmel and Desert Hot Springs have been some of the high points of the past few years. The community that forms in those few days inspires and sustains my work through the rest of the year. I love the collaborations with the photographers and other models; every time I leave I feel like a better model." 



St. Merrique is a mystery wrapped in a riddle placed inside Pandora's box, emotive and fluid in her style. She has a sense of humor and enjoys her work but takes her career in modeling seriously. She has ten years of experience in modeling with a background in theatre and many dance genres including ballet, flamenco, and belly, to name a few. As a French West Indian, she incorporates many cultural styles and can get into both natural and complex body shapes. When she's not modeling, Merrique puts her Bachelor's degree to use as a music and sound engineer, interior decorator, and photographer. The most exciting part of her career: "is experiencing the collaborative and growing chemistry between artists". Pretty much all aspects of her life is driven by creativity, and spirituality. 

"Every year I look forward to that email inviting me to model for Kim and Mark’s Workshops. I’ve been modeling for Wild Cat and Desert Nudes for three years now and they’re one of the best adventures I can be a part of. The opportunity I have to work with such inspiring artists makes me driven and it’s nice to not just call it work, or a workshop as I truly feel like this is more like a family or community. It’s challenging and fun and it’s really helped me grow as a model and in my own photography. Everyone comes in thirsty and everyone leaves refreshed and on a different level as they were before. If life isn’t about art, fun, growth, and collaboration, then what’s it good for, right!?"

Brian Morris.jpg


"I am here to create art, in every sense of the word. As I use my movement to express some of what I hold inside, I aim to bring you closer with the states of love, beauty, pain, destruction, and rebirth we all constantly endure through various mediums and in several magnitudes. I am a window, giving you a look inside a vulnerable soul." Sekaa

Sekaa will be modeling for Weston Photography for the first time at September's nude photography workshop on Wildcat Hill! Photo by Brian Morris

Do you want to model for Weston Photography?

If you are a model who would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, we are eager to meet you! Weston Photography needs models who have some experience working one on one or with a group of photographers. Because Kim's work features a wide array of dramatic elements, having a background in theater or dance is a huge bonus.


Must be comfortable signing a model release.

Must be comfortable with having images published online.

No tattoos (unless very small and easily hidden).

No piercings (unless you are agreeable to take the rings out during the shoot).