Welcome to Kim Weston Photography and Wildcat HillOctober 31st, 2010

Kim and Gina Weston

Purchase and Collect the Black and White Photography of Kim Weston. Home of the original “Print of the Month Club”. His primary body of work consists of fine art nude photography. Also in his repertoire are black and white photography landscapes, ballerina photography, and Platinum photography. Kim only photographs with film. Kim also paints on his photographs and calls them his “painted photographs”. 

Sign Up Now! We teach amazing photography workshops here at Wildcat Hill in Carmel CA, at other locations in the USA and around the world. Group workshops, One on One workshops – Fine Art Photography Workshops. These include Nude Photography, Landscape Photography (field trips to Point Lobos), Platinum Printing. Darkroom instruction (developing, printing etc). All film and digital photographers welcomed, Beginning to Advanced photographers are encouraged to join. We are looking forward to meeting you.

We sell a select number of Edward Weston’s Photographs (printed by his son Cole Weston) from our personal collection. Come enjoy yourself and stay overnight at Wildcat Hill in our studio “Bodie House”. 

“I’m always learning from my students, and hope they take away a renewed passion and interest in photography as an art and lifestyle”.Kim Weston

2014 April Print of the MonthApril 2nd, 2014

Kim Weston - A Bird in Hand

“Kim Weston – A Bird in Hand” I always look for the light when I photograph. And when I set up a photography shoot during a workshop I am often thinking of metaphors between the model and some other object or her surroundings. I do this to tell my story. In this photograph I am using the painting of the bird, for me this symbolized the bird being caged. Hanging the material from the window, having the model behind the veil or lace, longingly looking out the window, symbolizes her …Read more

Spain Photo Nude Workshop! June 29-July 6, 2014April 1st, 2014

Amazing locations, great food, secluded beaches with crackling campfires, camping under the star-packed desert sky, learning new techniques from world-class instructors, working with beautiful figure models – and making jaw-dropping images! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity for a guided photographic adventure through one of the most beautiful places on earth.


For the very first time the Weston Photography Nude Workshop series will take place in Spain, along with local spanish photographer Miguel Soler-Roig.

Can you imagine photographing along side of Kim Weston with the best figure models in the most historical architectural sites in Spain? With Miguel’s local insider knowledge you will be guided through some of the most enchanting, exotic locations imaginable.

A unique opportunity to photograph in the interiors of private CASTLES AND PALACES NEVER VISITED BEFORE!

…Read more

Zach Weston PhotographsMarch 21st, 2014

Zach Weston - Hands

Here is a small selection of Zach Weston’s, black and white silver gelatin photographs. Zach photographs with film. He has been photographing for the past 2 years, he has grown up at Wildcat Hill, absorbing the ambiance of living the Weston Legacy. We are pleased and proud to include his work in our latest Weston – 4 Generations 1886-2014 Exhibition. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

Photo Contest Question, March 21March 21st, 2014

Kim Weston Wildcat Fireplace 2013

Win this photograph by answering the correct questions on our Facebook Contest. Looking at Kim’s “Wildcat Fireplace” photograph (posted below) please post your answers to the questions directly on Kim’s facebook page. As soon as our site gets updated we will be doing all of these contests directly on our site. So please be patient with us if you are not on Facebook. Questions for March 21, 2014 Questions about the photograph on the very top right (the 4th photo) in the fireplace photo.1. What was the full name of the …Read more

WESTON FOUR GENERATIONS 1886-2014March 20th, 2014

4 Generations of the Weston Photography Exhibition

National Steinbeck Center – March 10 – May 31, 2014 OPENING: SATURDAY March 29, at 5- 6PM for Members 6-8PM for PublicNATIONAL STEINBECK CENTEROne Main StreetSalinas, CA 93901831.775.4721 We are very pleased to announce that we will be having a 4 Generation Weston Photography Exhibition at the Steinbeck Center. This very special exhibition will bring the images, art and artifacts of Edward, Brett, Kim, and Zach Weston together for an intimate look of one of the renowned families of photography. Kim Weston will curate this exhibition with his son Zach. …Read more

Photo Contest Question & Answer March 12March 12th, 2014

Edward Weston - My little Grey home in the West

My last question was who made the small bird sculpture in the fireplace photo. Kimberley answered it correctly: William Edmundson. My next question is what photograph by Edward Weston does this stone bird appear in? What is the title of the photograph?What is the date of the photograph?Who is in the photograph? TITLE, DATE, WHO’S IN IT? Good Luck Please answer on Facebook. Only for US residents. Sorry – unless you want to pay for shipping. Congratulations to Jeff Appel, here is the photo. My Little Grey Home in the …Read more

Weston Photo Contest March 12, 2014March 12th, 2014

Kim Weston Wildcat Fireplace 2013

Facebook Contest Prize Photograph Answer Kim’s question correctly that he will be posting here today at 4pm Wed. March 12, and win this print! Previous winners are excluded. Same rules as last time. Family and close friends excluded. (Please no clues). First person to answer correctly wins this 8×10 Silver Gelatin Kim Weston photo! Please post your answers on his facebook page . Thanks and good luck!

New Photographs – Wyoming WorkshopMarch 5th, 2014

Kim Weston - New Work from Wyoming

Kim and I hope you enjoy the new work from the Wyoming Nude Photography Workshop in 2013. We were very sorry that we were not to be able to teach there again this year. Logistically it didn’t work because we are going to Spain to teach a nude photography workshop there. More of Kim Weston’s, Wyoming Photographs here.