The POM Club is a wonderful way to start collecting or add to a growing collection. The fact that it’s Kim Weston with his own considerable body of work that is so highly regarded, and add to that the history of the Weston family in the world of fine art photography, you feel that you are making a smart investment as well. To collect the work of one particular artist is not always an easy thing to do, often requiring you to deal with multiple galleries in various states or individuals in the secondary market. The POM Club solves that problem.

— Lee – Birmingham, Ala.


When Edward Weston started the Print of the Month Club, he did so because he believed that "photography is a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to." For nearly two decades, Gina and Kim Weston have followed in Edward's footsteps, producing 17 Print of the Month portfolios that have included some of Kim's most well-recognized work. 

The 2018 Print of the Month Portfolio will be Kim's last. It will bring 12 photographs–taken over the last year during trips to Germany, New York, and Palm Desert–together in a collection that both honors Kim Weston's past and points toward a future filled with more creativity than ever.

Print of the Month Club Benefits

  1. Start or add to your art collection with the finest silver gelatin prints hand-crafted by third generation black and white film photographer, Kim Weston. 
  2. Receive early notification about the POM.
  3. Receive one of the first prints in the edition. 
    • Kim Weston's prints are sold in limited editions of 40, members of the POM Club will always receive a low numbered print in the edition. More information
  4. $335 per month guaranteed (including shipping, handling, and portfolio box) regardless of how many prints sell.
    • Limited edition 8x10 prints are usually $800 in their first level (prints 1-10).
    • POM's are priced at $335 for one month; after the month has ended, POM's are priced by level as per their position in an edition of 40. More information
  5. Receive a portfolio box specially designed by Kim Weston to house the year's POM portfolio.
  6. Choose to be charged automatically every month or make a one-time payment for the year's portfolio.