The 2019 April Wildcat Studio Nude Model Line-Up

The 2019 April Wildcat Studio Nude Model Line-Up

Catalina Cruise

Catalina or 'Cat' for short, is drawn to whatever brings people together to make and share art.  She has modeled on catwalks, performed in musical stage shows, and danced on sand dunes in pursuit of artistic adventure.  Her multicultural heritage gives her work depth, complexity, and uniqueness.  There’s nothing that delights her more than helping people to actualize their creative dreams and visions.  With extensive experience & training in Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Performance Art, and Photography she uses movement and feline prowess to unlock the poetry of the moment.  She loves collaborations characterized by engagement, passion, poetry, and adventure.

Daisy Von

©Tim Goins

In a drastic career change, Daisy Von went from a research microbiologist to fine art nude model. Daisy rapidly became an esteemed and accomplished international model known for her expressive portraits, abstract poses, and stunning grace in front of the camera. Her body of work includes posing for world-renown photographers and highly acclaimed artists such as Lindsay Adler and Herbert Ascherman. Her professionalism has been a breath of fresh air making long shoots seem short. Creating an artists' perfect version makes the work enjoyable, strenuous, and rewarding, this is a reality by Daisy Von immersing herself completely in every shoot. 


"I am here to create art, in every sense of the word. As I use my movement to express some of what I hold inside, I aim to bring you closer with the states of love, beauty, pain, destruction, and rebirth we all constantly endure through various mediums and in several magnitudes. I am a window, giving you a look inside a vulnerable soul."

A three day workshop hosted at Edward Weston's home on Wildcat Hill in Carmel Highlands, CA. Kim Weston will be your private instructor during this workshop and will work with each photographer in the group on topics like composition, lighting, model relationships, and the development of your voice as an artist.