The 2019 Boyer YL Ranch Workshop Model Line-Up

The 2019 Boyer YL Ranch Workshop Model Line-Up


©Kim Weston

Liv is an artistic nude, portrait, and life model based on the East Coast in Jersey City. She travels internationally with most of her trips concentrated on the East Coast USA, Eastern Canada, and Europe. Along with traveling as a model, she also works on her own photography and painting in her free time. Future goals include pursuing a graduate degree, finally traveling to Eastern Asia and Australia, and painting more often. 


Jen is easygoing, fun, and goofy but simultaneously hardworking and always professional. The art that has come out of our time working with her has been breathtaking and inspiring and we are delighted to have her back for many future workshops.

"I wish to convey infatuation, loneliness, guilt, fear, disgust, anguish, envy, love, serenity, contempt, loss, weakness, shame, awe, desire... I'm inspired by surrealism, abstract fashion, eye-catching color, bold makeup, unique poses, bizarre shapes, intense emotion, eccentric people, life and my surroundings."

Maya Tihtiyas

©Jamiya Wilson

Maya Tihtiyas is an experienced fine art model based out of beautiful Maine. She creates with renowned artists to make brilliant works, and has been published internationally. She is committed to creating beautiful, timeless images through skilled posing and emotive gestures. When she is not modeling she enjoys creating self-portraits, enjoying the outdoors, practicing circus arts, and photographing her fellow models.