Weston Photography's October 2019 Print of the Month is Archangel

Size: 8x10 print mounted to 16x20 museum-quality mat-board.

Medium: Silver gelatin print.

Edward Weston believed that "photography [was] a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to" which is why he, with his last wife Charis Wilson, began producing Prints of the Month. 

As per family tradition, every month for the last 18 years, Kim and Gina release an 8x10 silver gelatin Print of the Month (POM) for a special price which can be purchased individually or as part of the year's POM Portfolio.


In 2019 Kim and Zach will each contribute 6 images to the Print of the Month Portfolio. Kim is the 3rd and Zach the 4th generation of photographers in the historic Weston family and Kim taught Zach everything he knows about photography This collaboration will instill a deeper connection on both a human and artistic level.

There will be 12 prints in total, 6 from Kim, and 6 from Zach with each artist sending out their signature image every other month. The prints will be 8x10 mounted on 16x20 mattboard. If you purchase the whole set, you will also receive a unique, portfolio box to house all of your prints.