4 Generations of Weston Photography Show - May 11, 2013

Edward Weston and Brett Weston
Kim Weston & Zach Weston

4 Generations of Weston Photography, First time in History!

Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Kim Weston & Zach Weston
Lecture by Kim Weston Saturday, May 11, 2013 – 4-5 PM
Opening – Saturday, May 11, 2013 – 5-7 PM
Sang K Jun Arts and Science Gallery,
3148 El Camino Real Suite 209 Santa Clara, CA 95051
Exhibition May 11 – August 10, 2013

An exhibition of 30 Fine Art Black and White Photographs will be on display for the first time in history at the Sang K Jun Arts and Science Gallery. The Weston Legacy is one of the most important and creative families in photography.

Edward Weston (born 1886 – died 1958) major American photographer of the early to mid-20th century, best known for his carefully composed, sharp focused images of natural forms, landscapes and nudes. His work influenced a generation of American Photographers.

Brett Weston, son of Edward Weston (born 1911 – died 1993) an American photographer known for his high contrast, abstract imagery. The subjects he chose were, for the most part, not unlike what interested him early in his career; plant leaves, knotted roots and tangled kelp along the beach. He concentrated mostly on close-ups and abstracted details, but his prints reflected a preference for high contrast that reduced his subjects to pure form.

Kim Weston, grandson of Edward, nephew of Brett, son of Cole Weston (born 1953 ?) is known as the master of Fine Art Nude photography. He learned his craft assisting his father Cole in the darkroom making gallery prints from his grandfather Edward’s original negatives. Kim also worked for many years as an assistant to his uncle Brett, whose bold, abstract photographs rank as some of the finest example.

Zach Weston, son of Kim Weston (born 1990 ?) is the 4th Generation of The Weston Legacy, he grew up on Wildcat Hill, surrounded by iconic photographs made by his great grandfather Edward, great uncle Brett and grandfather Cole Weston. Zach has been moved by this medium and has sharpened his vision by photographing the nude figure, still life and abstract form.

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Brett Weston by ©RC Miller.com