May 5, "Recognizing The Alumni" Show

Weston Scholarship, Nicole Mangiola
Weston Scholarship, Nicole Mangiola

Weston Scholarship “ Recognizing the Alumni” Exhibition Marjorie Evans Gallery Opening Thursday, May 5, 5-7PM 9th and San Carlos St Carmel, CA Exhibit Dates: May 3 - 31, 2016

This May, the past winners of the Weston Scholarship, Andy Miller, Carter Perez, Cassie Kise, Courtney Musser, Dawnelle Ward-Loveless, Eduardo Sandoval, Ernesto Flores, Gerardo Olivares, Jon Wescott, Linda Ozaki, Meredith Schade, Miriam Arellano, Nancy Goldrain, Nicole Mangiola, Peter Nichols, Ruben Martin, Sarah Lehman, Steven Pina, Sunny Jenson, Taylor Henry, Veronica Zelles and William Cardoza will be sharing the Marjorie Evans Gallery with a select group of local professional photographers in a new exhibition “Recognizing the Alumni”. The WS will be showcasing prints from “The Weston Scholarship Portfolio”. A beautiful collection of top winning photographs, collected over the past 12 years, since the inception of WS in 2004.

Joining WS will be local photographers, Kim Weston, Roman Loranc, Huntington Witherill, Ryuijie, Chuck Davis, Kevin Bransfield, Greg Mettler, Claire Lerner, Jerry Takigawa, Cole Thompson, Jim Kasson, Brian Taylor and Rick Murai. The contributions from this group comes in many forms, from teaching our students in our local schools and darkrooms, donating money to our fund, to donating prints to our fine art auction fundraisers. WS has given over $83,000 in 243 photography awards to accomplished black and white analog student photographers. The “Weston” has become a verb on the local campuses, with a buzz that circulates and excites the students. Are you entering the “Weston” is heard in the darkrooms and down the hallways.

Spearheaded by Gina Weston, The Weston Scholarship has been a collaboration of many. Without the support of the local photography community, this program would not exist. The quality of craftsmanship, vision and presentation has dramatically improved over the years. We are proud of our program and hope you will enjoy the show that we are bringing to you.