Fun at September Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Kim Weston - Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop Class PhotoWe had a really great time at the 2014 September Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop. We had a few returnees, which is always a good testimonial and we met several new photographers. 3 out of the 9 students were women. That made a nice mixing of the groups. In a predominantly male industry, we love having the opportunity to have women photographers participate in our nude workshops.

We had a mixture of film and digital photographers. The range varied from a few that had never photographed the nude figure before to intermediate to some very experienced photographers. It was great! Everyone worked well with each other, helping with props, holding up scrims or moving the furniture.

On our property we have several unique and different areas to work in. You never know what the weather is going to do, so we just roll along with it. Whether the fog is rolling in, blowing by or if we have clear blue skies, we make it work.That's the beauty of working with natural light. Our models, Larva, Sara and Gwen are very experienced and the workshop runs very smoothly. 

The dinner is always fun, our after dinner guest photographers were Jim Kasson and Huntington Witherill. After they shared, Kim showed his newest work from Spain! He enjoyed sharing it with everyone for the first time. Kim made our famous spaghetti dinner, italian sausages and a delicious salad. We even got special french bread from our local french bakery La Fayette. Tracy Morrison, Huntington Witherill's wife always brings desert and they raffled off Huntington's newest book! 

Thanks to all that joined us!