Kim Weston Photography Archive

Kim Weston - Head down Nude with Cow

Head Down Nude with Cow by Kim Weston

Today I am updating the Kim Weston Archive section on the website. It's a simple way to view many of Kim Weston's photographs at once. It took months of researching themes to find one that fit my need for simplicity and ease, with a fresh modern look. I also needed one that you can view on your smartphone or tablet.

View by Category or Print of the Month

On the archive page you can now view the photographs in categories - by year and also by the Print of the Month. ย For the POM Portfolio, you can see what is in each portfolio by scrolling down the page and going back just one post. So far I have 2001, 2002 & 2003 completed. The information about size and availability is included. For most of the archive Kim Weston prints all you have to do is contact me and place your order. You can find price information and sizes on About the Prints in the footer area of our site.

I am having fun doing it too! Traveling down memory lane, looking back at all of the work Kim and I did together, it's kind of humbling. It is a work in progress but if you would like to follow along bookmark this page and watch me as I upload photos into this section.ย 

Please let me know if you find any bugs or see any problems while you are browsing our site. I use the home computer more than my phone.

Photo: Head Down Nude with Cow ย - Inspired by Edward Weston and a Rembrandt painting.