The New Bohemian Nights, Fundraiser August 3, 2013 SOLD OUT!


The New Bohemian Nights - Weston Scholarship Fundraiser


Kim & Gina Weston's Home
251 Rt. 1 Carmel Highlands CA
Call 831.624.8111 to buy your tickets today!
$500 per person
Limited to 20 guests.

Every guest takes home an exclusive photograph!

Join Us:

Back in the day Wildcat Hill was known as the "little house with the big mood". Edward Weston and his cronies spent many nights whopping it up, they shared meals, danced, read poetry and looked at each others work. All kinds of artists gathered together, Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Imogen Cunningham and Dorothea Lange, to name just a few.

Amazing Experience:

Here is your opportunity to make your own memories and experience what they had. Come step back in time and imagine Edward Weston showing his photographs, then step into his original darkroom where he made some of his most famous prints. Hear the voice of Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts and visual Robinson Jeffers while he reads Jeffers poetry. Feel the connection of the two artists and feel the intimacy of the spirit that still lives at Wildcat Hill today! This evening will be an exclusive bohemian night of food, photography, poetry reading, festivity and wine. Just like they used to do it in the old days. Come party with us in the former home of Edward Weston!

The Evening:
Featuring 4 fine art photographers:
Kim Weston, Roman Loranc, Chuck Davis and
2013 scholarship winner, Christina Lehman
Each guest will take home an exclusive photograph from one of these premiere artists.
Robinson Jeffers Poetry and Edward Weston Daybooks
Read by local poet Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts
4 Generations of historic
Weston Photography Gourmet Dinner by Kim Weston & Roman Loranc
Exclusive Estate wines from Pisoni Winery
All proceeds go to The Weston Scholarship
Call Gina @831.624.8111