Paris Photo 2015

Kim Weston - At Paris Photo 2015
Kim Weston - At Paris Photo 2015

It has been almost 4 weeks since we returned from Paris, France. We planned our trip there to coincide with The 2015 Paris Photo. We were there during the terrorist attacks that occurred on the evening of Friday the 13th. It was an eery night, as we were sitting at the Mini Palais finishing dinner, everyone including our friends, started getting texts and phone calls. We were told about the terrorist attacks and that the attack was over but we needed to leave the restaurant right away as we were in a high profile target area. The Mini Palais is located in the Grand Palais where Paris Photo was held. Up to that evening we were having the time of our lives. Paris was beautiful, everywhere you looked where amazing vistas, photographs to be taken and beautiful architecture and what can I say it's Paris!

We had been lucky we had VIP passes and spent several days with our friends at Paris Photo. By Friday evening we had seen it all and we're planning our other museum and neighborhood walks. The trip didn't go as planned after that fateful Friday the 13th and the city was closed down for 3 days of mourning and because the suspects had not been apprehended yet. It was a truly horrible tragedy and we were so upset and then grateful that we were not in the neighborhood that they targeted. We were lucky that's all I can say. We feel deeply sad for the people who lost their lives and for their families. We are sad for France and all of Europe as this terrorist attack keeps unfolding in different countries. We stayed in Paris, even though it was hard to be there. There was a cloud of grief over the city, the Eiffel tower went dark, the police were everywhere, we didn't ride the metro. "At time of writing - according to unconfirmed reports - at least a hundred had been killed at the Bataclan concert hall alone. The murderers targeted places of entertainment where the young gather. The goal of terrorism is to strike fear into the heart of the enemy, to make them feel unsafe everywhere and at all times. This assault shall leave such a scar." By Tim Stanley. 

We stayed and lived and enjoyed what the city had to offer. Vive la France! We met up with our friends, photographed, ate great food and had the best time we could have under the circumstances. Here are some photographs from the Paris Photo show. I have many more of our trip but they will come later. We hope you enjoy them. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us while we were in Paris! We felt the love pouring out. :)

Best wishes for the holidays!