Bodie House at Wildcat Hill & News

Kim Weston - House on Wildcat Hill
Kim Weston - House on Wildcat Hill

Are you planning for some time off? Come and stay at Wildcat Hill in Bodie House this summer! The season is in full swing.

The spring was full of creativity. We had 2, 4 Generation Weston Shows hung consecutively at the same time, one at Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento and one at the Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco. Both shows came down on June 4. We hope you had a chance to see some of the photographs. Thank you to the Viewpoint Gallery and to the Scott Nichols Gallery. And thanks to all that attended!

We taught 2 Nude Photo Workshops where we made some wonderful images, photographed with some talented artists and worked with our amazing models, Jennifer Jones, Sara Streeter and a new model, Marian Liddell. It was a great experience. Thank you!

We are looking forward to this Thursday, June 9, when Eric Joseph and Patrick DellaBovi from Freestyle Photographic Supplies come up from LA to present "Take the Stress out of Digital Printing". They will educate us about digital printing, papers, printers etc. and Eric will be printing photographs for all that attend. Bet you are wondering why are teaching a digital printing workshop when all we do here on Wildcat Hill is traditional black and white printing in a traditional darkroom? Well it's to introduce you to Freestyle! We have been buying most of our printing supplies from them for several years. They have quality products, an excellent team and they get your order out fast! If you haven't heard of them, we recommend taking a look at their website soon!

New Bohemian Nights Fundraiser on June 11 from 5-8PM is SOLD OUT! Thank you for you continued support in keeping the tradition of black and white printing alive! Thank you Roman Loranc and Kim Weston for contributing 20 original silver gelatin photographs to give out to our donors! Please visit Roman's site and you will see one of the images that he is donating to the scholarship dinner this year!