Tania Cernochova, Slovakia - Visiting Wildcat Hill


December 2010 - Visiting Wildcat

Tatiana Cernochova

Last month while I was doing my morning walk in the rain at Carmel River beach, I ran into Tania, she was wet and carrying a large back pack. She was "couch surfing" down to Los Angeles with her next stop down the coast past Big Sur. I offered her a place to dry off and keep her stuff safe and then drove her back to Point Lobos to spend the day.

Hi Gina,
this is Tania, the girl you brought home on that rainy day at the beginning of November, remember?:) i´m back home in Slovakia, just wanted to let you know that the massage therapist was a little bit .. well, different, but still very nice and respectful and the massage felt just great. And I´d like to thank you again for picking me up on that beach and also for that Lobos park ... Btw. the rain was probably too much for my camera, and it stopped working a day after I left you, so the whole Big Sur remained unshot:( very unfortunate. What can I do... (I bought 2 disposable ones in LA though:))

Also wanted to ask you if you could please send me the picture you took of myself, I realized after I got home that I have almost no pictures of myself from that journey. If you have time of course, I know you´re probably very busy.

So thanks again, it was great meeting you and I already saw some works of Edward Weston in some book of photography somewhere in Santa Barbara:) so I was like aah, I know who this is!

Won´t take more of you time, wish you a beautiful life and good luck in all.

Best regards,
Tania Cernochova