Early Carmel Highlands Presentation with the Carmel Highlands Association

Thank you Michael Wisner, Helen Russell, the Carmel Highlands Association and the community of the Carmel Highlands for coming out for a very special event about early life in the community. Kim Weston and Honey Williams both gave presentations filled with classic old pictures that showed some aspects of the Highlands back in time. 

There was a feeling of community that night as we re-lived old stories and reminisced about how life used to be back then. Again, thank you for everyone who came out to make it such a memorable evening and we look forward to creating more memories in the future! 

Zach Weston and Annabelle Scott gave a glimpse into some of the present and future happenings going on in the Carmel Highlands through the Westons' non-profit, The Weston Collective. If you would like to learn more about The Weston Collective and its mission to preserve black and white film photography in our community please click on the link below!