Imagining Tina: A Dialogue with Edward Weston

Maryam & Kim on Wildcat Hill

I stood mesmerised in silence beside Kim Weston, Edward’s grandson and an acclaimed photographer in his own right, in Edward’s original darkroom. Here, Edward had printed Pepper No. 30 and his 1936 Nude in Doorway, images that have intrigued my aesthetic sensibilities and preoccupied my mind for the majority of my adult artistic life. This is also where magic happened, under the guiding hand of Kim Weston, for the next four days, as Kim and I talked, baked, ate and walked through Edward’s personal spaces at Wildcat.
— Maryam Eisler

Kim and Maryam worked together on Wildcat Hill in 2017. They spent four days together photographing in Kim’s studio and the surrounding grounds and completing the process by making platinum prints in the darkroom.

We are so proud of the amazing work that Maryam created here on Wildcat Hill and abroad. She has a unique eye for subtle details that makes you want to see more. Her images radiate using the platinum process and seem to jump off of the paper.

Kim and Gina will be joining Maryam in London at the opening of her show! They are so excited to be present at such an amazing event. Check out the amazing article by FabUK Magazine to get psyched for the show!

Imagining Tina: A Dialogue with Edward Weston

Tristan Hoare Gallery | London
February 7th - March 2nd