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Kim Weston - Nude with Ball

"Kim Weston - Nude & Ball"

Last month when we went down to LA for Kim's opening of his painted Ballerina Show, we arrived at Sylvie Blum's house and she had asked Kim if he would like to shoot with one of her models. Kim wasn't planning on shooting and didn't bring his camera and equipment with him, so Sylvie loaned him her late husband Gunther Blum's camera!

"It was a great privilege and honor to use a camera that 2 great photographers have used. I made a mad dash over to Calumet's to buy film, rent a light meter and buy a bushing so I could use Sylvie's tripod. When all was said and done I had a great afternoon shoot. It was wonderful to meet Afua and work with her. I had seen the stunning work Sylvie had done with her and I was happy to have this opportunity.

There are three rules to BBQ - Don't get drunk, don't get drunk, don't get drunk. This can also apply to photography. Don't leave your camera at home, don't leave your camera at home, don't leave your camera at home."

Kim Weston

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