Weston Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop - The Models (May 19-21, 2017)

We would like to introduce you to Gwen, Jenn, and Monique who will be joining us at our second workshop of the year on Wildcat Hill. We are so lucky to work with such creative, beautiful, and kind models at our workshops both here at Wildcat and abroad! 


"It is impossible to discuss my modeling career without bringing up Kim Weston. Before our introduction, I had only dipped my toe in the world of art modeling, then the doors were flung wide open, and now I am posing in the core center of the fine art photography world. Each workshop, tutorial, or jet-setting adventure is a unique story crafted by the individuals involved - old friends and new acquaintances drawn together by the legendary name. Kim's photography is about storytelling and the people behind the narrative, and that passion for people is what brings participants back time and again until they too are a part of the Weston family. Each workshop is not only an exploration of the technique, composition, and intention that make a quality photograph, but also a reunion with my dearest partners-in-art. It's like picking up where you left off in a favorite book: the scene is set, the characters are revived, and I dive back into my evolving narrative as a model, as a friend, as a muse, and as a part of the Weston family and legacy." gwendolynjane.com


Jen is easygoing, fun, and goofy but simultaneously hardworking and always professional. The art that has come out of our time working with her has been breathtaking and inspiring and we are delighted to have her back for this workshop!

"I wish to convey infatuation, loneliness, guilt, fear, disgust, anguish, envy, love, serenity, contempt, loss, weakness, shame, awe, desire... I'm inspired by surrealism, abstract fashion, eye-catching color, bold makeup, unique poses, bizarre shapes, intense emotion, eccentric people, life and my surroundings." Portfolio>


We are honored to welcome Monique to Wildcat Hill for her first Weston Nude Photography Workshop! Monique is of Greek, Egyptian, Irish, & German heritage and has modeled professionally for 12 years. We couldn't be more excited to work with her! Portfolio>

This workshop is SOLD OUT but we hope you will join us for a Weston Destination Workshop this summer or at our next Wildcat Workshop in September