Rachael Short & Her Photography

Rachael Short is a true inspiration to us all. We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her over the past decade. Even after her accident, she has continued to excel in photography and produce beautiful images using just her iPhone. Rachael and Kim have worked together to create platinum prints, making digital negatives from her iPhone shots. Kim converts the jpegs into a digital negative and then takes them into the darkroom to create wonderful platinum prints. Her photography works very well with the traditional platinum process. Rachael was a judge at the 2018 Weston Scholarship Exhibition and we look forward to continuing and building on our friendship. Go Rachael!

She also runs the best photography gallery in Carmel, Gallery Exposed! If you are in Carmel make sure to take a look. She is only open select hours but even if it is not open you can still get a good peek of the art.

Rachael’s Photography