Weston Photography Newsletter #14


Kim Weston - Gina Weston in Chicago


The spring started off with some wonderful workshops at Wildcat Hill, including Wildcat Studio Nude,  The Wildcat Studio Nude with Christa Meola and The Weston Figure Workshop with Mark Comon.

In June Kim went out to Wyoming with Mark and Winston Boyer to teach The Wyoming Nude and Landscape Workshop and he came home with exciting new work. He was so happy to finally get back to Wyoming to photograph. He is going back next year - so stay tuned for the 2014 workshop dates.

3 Generation Weston Photography Show in Elkhart Indiana!

If you have been flowing FaceBook or the website you will know that we just got back from Chicago & Elkhart IN. Dr. Rick and Cindy Burns invited us out to Indiana to the Midwest Museum of American Art for The  3 Generation Weston Photography Exhibition. Check out the 3 news videos we made while we where there. We met some new friends and had a super good time. Thanks to the Burns family, and the Midwest Museum!

Gina on the Spot - 3 Generation Show in Elkhart IN

Gina on the Spot - Fundraiser at Dr. Rick and Cindy Burns

Gina on the Spot - Opening night at The Midwest Museum of American Art

Kim Weston - Map of Finland Trip

We are going to Finland!

We are getting ready to take off on another photography adventure!
Finnish photographer, collector and owner of The Light Gallery, Kirmo Wilen has invited Kim and I up to Finland for an exciting trip! First a weekend up in Kuusamo for the Kuusamo XVIII Nature Photo 2013 Finland where there will be a 3 Generation Show highlighting Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Cole Weston and Kim Weston. Kim will be the key presenter at the weekend festival. Kim will be showing the “Growing up Weston” DVD and giving a short presentation of his work afterwards. More...

Kim Weston - New Bohemians Dinner- Weston Scholarship FundraiserThe New Bohemian Nights Fundraiser Dinner

The New Bohemian Nights Fundraiser was a huge success! It sold out quickly and we raised over $10,000 for the Weston Scholarship!  Sign up for our newsletter today and you will be the first to know of next year’s Weston Scholarship’s Fundraiser Dinner date! THANK YOU to all that donated and were able to come to the event and THANK YOU to all that donated and couldn’t make it to the dinner! We are so thankful for your support! More...


Join us in France this November! Let's go to France and photograph nudes in the lovely castle.

Yes it has been a super busy year and after Kim gets back from 2 back to back workshops at Lake Powell UT, we are planning to go to France in November. More... 

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Gina on the Spot - 3 Generation Weston Photography Show in Elkhart IN


Gina Weston sharing the exciting news about Kim Weston's 3 Generation Photography Show at the Midwest Museum of Art in Elkhart IN. This newsletter video starts their adventure off in the beautiful city of Chicago IL.